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And What’s about the love ? (S.E.)

Année : 1999
Style : Electro, Euro-Dance, Trance
Album disponible sur : JAMENDO | BANDCAMP
Réalisé par : Pierre Martin, Thierry Dubois, Pierrick Hansen, Sylvain Martin
Avec l’aide de : Vivien Vanoirbeek, Raphaël Marchand, Maxime Lorrai, Marie Martin

1. Have you heard my heart (P.Martin – T.Dubois) 08/1999
2. Jump so high (P.Martin) 08/1999
3. Stand up n dance (P.Martin) 08/1999
4. Take my hand (P.Martin) 09/1999
5. Show me your secrets (P.Martin) 09/1999
6. Princess of my night (P.Martin) 09/1999
7. Romance à Julie ’99 (S.Martin – P.Hansen – P.Martin) 09/1999
8. Sleeping on my shoulder (P.Martin) 10/1999
9. Next 23rd october (P.Martin) 10/1999
10. Plus ou moins souvent (P.Martin – V.Vanoirbeek) 10/1999
11. Capharnaüm (P.Martin – R.Marchand) 10/1999
12. Funky-X-Gravity (P.Martin) 11/1999
13. Night patrol (P.Martin) 11/1999
14. Eternam e musica (P.Martin) 11/1999
15. Dungeon Business (P.Martin) 11/1999
16. Le jardin des salades (M.Lorrai – P.Martin – M.Martin) 11/1999
17. Need to see u back (P.Martin – S.Martin) 12/1999
18. Hole of dreams (P.Hansen – P.Martin) 12/1999
19. Au bout du monde (P.Martin) 12/1999
20. Tears in my eyes (P.Martin) 12/1999
21. Master of Taïji (P.Martin) 12/1999
22. Let’s scream my heart once again for you (P.Martin) 12/1999
23. If love is a power (P.Martin) 12/1999
24. This day is off (P.Martin) 12/1999
25. Anywhere else’s world (P.Martin) 12/1999
26. Next life will be without you (P.Martin) 01/2000

cyborgjeff - and what's about the love now ? -cover2016Go back to 1999. I was 20 years old, i believe i was a man, but i still just a teenager. I thought one day i’ll a be a star like the DJ i loved. Every friday nights i join my friend V and we go to the Metropolis Club listening to DJ Jurgen, Wamdue Project, Mr. Oizo, DJ Sakin & Friends and some other stuffs like this…

Then i meet a girl. I felt in love, I would like to let her heard my heart beating like a techno vibes, I dream of a live with her, with just the feeling a teenager like me could have but I would like she takes my hand, jump with me and put her head on my shoulder… the days passed, things was not so easy, she’s too far, i was sad alone in my bedroom with my new Yamaha DJX keyboard and my computer, i need to see her back, i wanna scream my heart once again for her… but this over, this day off, next life will be without her.

Well that CD Album is just the story about that.


released December 31, 1999

-+and what’s about the love now?+-

Music written by Pierre Martin (Cyborg Jeff)

With the help of :

– Thierry Dubois for guitar parts in “Have you heard my heart”.
– Pierrick Hansen as original composer of “Romance à Julie” and “Hole of Dreams”.
– Sylvain Martin as original composer of “Romance à Julie” and co-composer of “Need to see u back”.
– Vivien Vanoirbeek for the idea in the jazzy drum sections of “Plus ou moins souvent”.
– Raphaël Marchand for the vocal jingle of the track “Capharnaum”
– Maxime Lorrai aka Kurtz from Alkalyne as the original author of the song “Le Jardin des salades”. (
– Marie Martin for the second voices in “Le Jardin des salades”.
– Charles Gillon for color printing the original cover in 1999

Thanks for inspiration :

A.M.O.S. staff – Benoit “MAF” Charcosset – Cathy Bustin – Computer Magasine – DJ Jurgen – DJ Sakin & Friends – Eiffel 65 – General Dream – Innerworlds – Jamiroquai – Julie Libin – Julie Monard – Julie Nilis – Kurtz / Alcalyne – Laure Gilles – Liquido – Marie Martin – Mr Oizo – Patrice Graillet – PC Team – Pierrick Hansen – Raphaël Marchand – Sébastien Valentin – Stefan Bastin – Sylvain Martin – Swarthemonia – The Eagles – Thierry Dubois – Valentin Boigelot – Vivien Vanoirbeek – Wamdue Project

Using : Yamaha DJX1 – Roland E68 – Sound Blaster Life – Impulse Tracker – GEM Keyboard

Samples from : Zeelan – Quasian – Swarthemonia – ZZ Top – Jean-Michel Jarre – Alane Dante – Dance Computer – Future Music Magasine – Poco Loco Gang – U96 – Numca – Pierrick Hansen – Metropolis Club – Mr Oizo – Tarkan – Opus III – Virtual Zone – La Casa – 2 Fabiola – Shank – Carl Craig – Deep Fish – Justice – Scanner – Human League – DJ Sakin & Friends – General Dream

Produced by Creadream Sound Studio – Studio 33 – December 1999

cyborgjeff - and what's about the love now ? -cover2016

443. Techno’s samples remix

Cyborg Jeff (Martin) Impulse Tracker II – Pentium 120 – IT

Bon, comme vous le savez, depuis le début de l’année, j’avais commencé à créer moi-mêmes mes propres samples afin de pouvoir composer des morceaux le plus personnalisés possibles, et petit à petit mon stock de samples issus des mes achats de CDs pas cher commençait à bien se remplir… J’avais donc décidé ce jour de faire quelques choses de tous les samples jusqu’à là non utilisés et enfaire un genre de mégamix.

On retrouve donc des samples tirés de Reel 2 Real, Def Dames Dope, Opus III, Boris, Livin’ Joy, La Casa, Corridor, CJ Bolland, Ice Mc, Mr Jack et les Backstreet Boys.

Well, remember, in the begin of the year 97, i’ve started to create my own samples to use in my soundtracker productions, and my SMP directory was growing well, so i decided to use all the unused samples in a new techno mix production.

So you could recognise here some samples from Reel 2 Real, Def Dames Dope, Opus III, Boris, Linvin’ Joy, La Casa, Corridor, CJ Bolland, Ice Mc, Mr Jack and the Backstreet Boys.

  TECSMPMI.IT (1,5 MiB, 261 hits)